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Lekkernassûh organizes a weekly non-profit market offering fruit and vegetables, run collectively by people in the community. All our produce is organic, and from local farms. (I.e. mostly the province of Zuid-Holland).

If you like, you can register now. The registration form is in Dutch.

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Below, there’s some summary information about pricing, where to pick up your vegetables, and how you can help Lekkernassûh maintain the market and expand.

You can also find out what’s in the next package, read recipes using produce from the market, and get information about our suppliers. These pages are in Dutch.

How does it work?

Each week, you’ll get a package of diverse produce – eight or nine different kinds of vegetables and one or two kind of fruit (with about eight or nine different kinds) make up a weekly package. The market in ‘De Gymzaal’ on Witte de Withstraat 127 takes place every Wednesday from 16:00 to 19:00. The market in primary school ‘Wonnebald’ on Mozartlaan 189 (Waldeck neighborhood) runs Wednesdays 12:00-14:00hrs.

Once you’ve registered you’ll get access to yout profile on this website using your “personal link”. You’ll receive it via e-mail.

We need to to know each week whether you plan to buy your vegetables or not. So we can purchase them for you. That’s why we work with a subscription. It is either on ACTIEF or PAUZE. It’ll always stay the same, unless you change it, using your profile page.

The dealine for any Wednesday is the Sundaynight before at 20:00. Please bear in mind that we don’t like to be stuck with too many or not enough vegetables.

Find out how to manage your account.

The price per package is € 12,50 or 1,25 hours for members. You can earn hours by working withing the Lekkernassuh organisation. During the market, in team communication or anything else that’s needed.

Find our how to volunteer.

Where do I collect my vegetables?

The market takes places every Wednesday at Witte de Withstraat 127, Den Haag, 2518 CS. Our secondary location where you can pick up the vegetable package, is Mozartlaan 189, Den Haag, 2551 JK (please note: 12:00-14:00h)

Why Lekkernasûh?

Lekkernassûh (which is slang, in The Hague, for “good nosh”) is an initiative to tackle a number of problems with supermarket vegetables. For example, they:

  • have often traveled a long way, causing pollution and pushing the price up
  • usually come in layers of unnecessary packaging, which is bad for the environment
  • employ people who don’t know you or care about you, and have no bond with what they sell (if staff serve you at all)

At our market we try to solve all three problems. We get the food from nearby and directly from the farm. We don’t offer any packaging materials – you bring your own. And as co-operative, we like to get to know one another.

Here’s more about why. We hope you’ll enjoy and participate. Veel succes met Nederlands… 🙂