How to contribute

Lekkernasûh is all about working together, having fun, and providing a great service for our collective community.

If you’d like to contribute, you can tell us on your profile. You’ll be asked to pick a working group, through which you’d like to help. These are outlined at the bottom of the page.

Why You Should contribute

As a cooperative, Lekkernassûh is stronger and more effective with every new person that joins in to help. Our aim is to implement a program providing healthy, honest and delicious-to-eat produce that’s accessible to everyone in The Hague – and the more People that want to help us, the better we can do it.

We believe in food – as a social binder that, in its simplicity, has universal values. In virtually every culture, it allows people to express hospitality; to show care for their loved ones; to both pay attention to, and respect, their surroundings.

It brings people together. By contributing, you’ll meet great people – of different nationalities and ages – from all over The Hague.

If you are a member Lekkernassuh can compensate your worked hours in time with which you can buy (part of) your package or spend your time on anything else within the Timebank community.

Choose a working group


Selecting and ordering fruit, vegetables, cheese and any other products to be sold at the market.

Logistics / Transportation

Plan how Lekkernassûh collects its produce: from planning collections routes to arranging drivers and transport.

Financial administration

Manage accounts, payments and participants, and confirm orders. Plus more.

At the market

Working on the market itself: at the box office, or with the produce. You can also help arrange music or entertainment for the children that come to market.


Work with our website; post on Facebook and Twitter; produce newsletters and prepare mailings.


Technical management  of the website, including managing subscriptions and linking the website with social media.


Help cook food to be eaten during and after the market.


Thinks about Lekkernassûh: what might be next, how we could develop, and what we’ve done well and not well so far. Gives direction.

Urban farming

Develops urban farming plans.

If you haven’t already, register now – and volunteer.