How the market works

There are currently three market locations:

  • Wednesdays between 16.00 and 19.00h in de Gymzaal at the Witte de Withstraat 127. We also sell cheese and freshly baked bread there.
  • Wednesdays from 12.00 to 14.00h at primary school Wonnebald at the Mozartlaan 189.
  • Wednesdays from 17.00 to 19.00h at the Spinozahof, Spinozastraat 38.

You pay when you arrive at the market – you don’t have to pay in advance. We don’t accept PIN, please read about our payment methodes.

As a non-profit co-operative, Lekkernassûh has to make sure that it orders only enough vegetables for those coming in a particular week. Everybody who wants to pay and collect. To do this, we ask that everybody who wants a package registers with us; and that you tell us whenever you don’t want a package.

This is easy to do, and is outlined below. We need to know by the end of Sunday evening, ahead of that Wednesday’s market.

How to register

You can register online. The registration form is in Dutch.

On the registration form you’ll give some basic personal information, and be asked how many packages you’d like each week. You can change the number of packages from week to week.

You’ll also be asked if and how you would like to contribute to the Lekkernassuh organisation. If you are a member of you can earn hours by working at Lekkernassuh. You can spend these hours on buying your package or anywhere else withing the Timebank community.

Once you’ve completed the form and registered, you’ll see a link on-screen. This is the link that you’ll need whenever you want to change your details.

You will also receive an email, to the email address you specified, with the same link.

Telling us when you don’t want a package

Use the link you were given when registering to tell us if you don’t want a package. All you have to do is change the field marked ‘ACTIEF’ to ‘PAUZE’ and click [Opslaan].

Please make sure you mark this correctly on the Sunday before that Wednesday’s market, the latest at 20:00.

If you mark yourself ‘PAUZE’ in a particular week, you’ll need to use the same link to mark yourself ‘ACTIEF’ in the week that you want your next package. You can remain inactive (or active) for as many weeks in a row as you like.

Have a question?

You can send us an email: info [a] lekkernassuh. org. Or more personal, speak to us at the market 🙂