Working together to create a fair food chain in The Hague!
Foundation Lekkernassûh contributes to a fair and sustainable food chain in The Hague and its surroundings. We are the link between you and local farmers, market gardeners and other producers. On Wednesday afternoons, we organize a fresh market at various locations, where you can buy a vegetable package and other local delicacies. On Saturdays, our package-free shop is open, and using your own containers you can buy rice, pasta, oils and spices, among other things.

✔️ Community led, and contributes to the community
✔️ Fair price for the producer and for you
✔️ Fresh, local, seasonal and pesticide-free

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Sign up and participate!

Create an online account and start getting a vegetable packet every Wednesday. In each week’s package, you will find at least 7 different vegetables. All fresh, local, seasonal and sustainably produced.

Additionally, on Saturdays, you can fill your own jars and bags at our package-free store. Our package-free goods and vegetable packages combine well to make delicious meals.

Click to learn more about how to apply for our vegetable packet or about the package-free store.

By working together, we make the difference

Lekkernassûh is all about cooperation. Our markets are created through the deployment of many hands. Co-workers are rewarded with Timebank hours which you can use to pay for your package, as well as other products!

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