At all Lekkernassûh fresh markets and in the package-free shop, you can pay in the following ways:

  • with cash (except on Mozartlaan and the package-free shop)
  • with Timebank hours (more about paying with Timebank below)
  • with PIN, contactless, Apple Pay, credit card
  • with mobile banking app, showing payment confirmation (for bank account details, see below)
  • with a Lekkernassûh voucher.

How does a Timebank payment work?

All of our products (except items from third party vendors) can be paid for with Timebank hours. The number of hours for your purchases will be calculated at the cashier. You then must transfer the amount through your mobile phone using this weblink:

  1. Choose your location
  2. Insert the number of Timebank hours
  3. Click the ‘Make payment’ button
  4. Log in to the Timebank server (can be done in advance)
  5. Confirm your payment
  6. Show your payment confirmation to the cashier

Want to know more about Timebank?

Bank account details

Bank account details: NL52TRIO0320064182
In name of: Lekkernassûh
With reference to: “LN, afhaallocatie, afhaaldatum”.
Examples: “LN, Gymzaal, 23-3-2023“, “Package-free shop, 23-3-2023“, “VVW 23 sept” (VVW stands for VerpakkingsVrije Winkel).

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