Pay with Timebank hours

Follow the steps in the form below to pay with Timebank hours. You can pay for your veggie package (1.25h), eggs, loose sales (except items from third party vendors) and products from the package-free shop with Timebank hours. At the checkout, the amount you have to pay will be calculated.

Where do you want to pick it up?

Transfer what amount of TB hours? (e.g.: 1.25)

0,00 Timebank hour


Next, click on the MAKE PAYMENT button and follow all the steps. It starts with logging in. At the end, request a receipt, to show as proof of payment. This can be on your phone or a print-out.


  • Before you start to check out, let the person working the cash register know that you want to pay with Timebank hours.
  • If you are only buying a vegetable package, you can pay in advance and show your receipt on your phone when checking out.
  • Log into and have the payment page ready on your phone, so all you have to do is fill in the amount.
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