Foto door Eva Polakovicova

Vitamins you love to give.

Lekkernassûh sells vouchers for € 12.50 each. You can spend the voucher on a vegetable pack, but also at the packaging-free store or on individual products that you can buy at one of our markets. Who would you make happy with such a healthy gift?

How does it work?

  • Would you like to to buy a vegetable package using your voucher? Please register before 8 pm on Sunday evening for the market the following Wednesday. (Only then will we buy your package). If you want to come once, please unsubscribe yourself after the market.
  • You can also buy bread, cheese or dry products with the voucher.
  • The vouchers are only available in the Gymzaal. You can redeem them them at all locations.
  • The voucher must be spent fully and cannot be exchanged for money.

©️ Foto door Eva Polakovicova