Below is the current selection of items offered at the package-free shop. We try to make sure that most items are in stock, but sometimes products are not available, or we are in the process of compiling an order. All prices below refer to the price per kilogram or per liter. Prices are subject to change.

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Last update: 24 February 2024

Beans and peas

Aduki beans4.90 € / kg
Chickpeas4.00 € / kg
Lentils – brown3.80 € / kg
Lentils – dupuy5.00 € / kg
Lentils – yellow4.00 € / kg
Lentils – green4.00 € / kg
Lentils – red3.50 € / kg
Kidney beans4.50 € / kg
Split peas3.20 € / kg
White beans4.50 € / kg
Black beans3.75 € / kg

Dried fruits

Apricots (whole)13.25 €/kg
Apple rings (dried)25.00 €/kg
Cacoa (powder)10.50 €/kg
Cacoa nibs15.00 €/kg
Cranberries (dried)20.00 €/kg
Dates (regular) 7.50 €/kg
Dates (Medjoul)14.50 €/kg
Goji berries23.00 €/kg
Mango (dried)16.00 €/kg
Mulberries (dried)10.00 €/kg
Olives (green/black, Portugal)18.00 €/kg
Raisins (Dultana) 5.90 €/kg
Tomatoes (dried)15.50 €/kg
Figs (dried)13.50 €/kg


Buckwheat5.70 €/kg
Couscous (wholegrain)3.00 €/kg
Barley flakes2.50 €/kg
Millet3.50 €/kg
Oatmeal (rolled oats)2.60 €/kg
Oat flakes2.75 €/kg
Corn (popcorn)3.50 €/kg
Muesli5.50 €/kg
Pasta (wholegrain fusilli)4.80 €/kg
Pasta (coloured spelt)6.50 €/kg
Pasta (wholegrain penne)4.80 €/kg
Pasta (wholegrain spaghetti)4.80 €/kg
Popcorn (see mais)3.50 €/kg
Quinoa6.50 €/kg
Rice (Basmati brown)3.80 €/kg
Rice (Basmati white)4.25 €/kg
Rice (Risotto)7.00 €/kg
Rice (Brown rice)3.00 €/kg
Rice (Black rice)6.50 €/kg
Rice (Red rice)4.75 €/kg
Rye flakes2.50 €/kg
Spelt flakes3.60 €/kg


Almonds20.00 €/kg
Cashew nuts19.00 €/kg
Hazelnuts13.00 €/kg
Coconut cubes12.20 €/kg
Grated coconut 6.95 €/kg
Coconut flakes 7.75 €/kg
Brazil nuts22.00 €/kg
Walnuts (pieces)15.50 €/kg

Olies, vinegars and condiments

Coconut oil15.50 €/kg
Olive oil (extra virgin)17.50 €/l
Olive oil (mild, for cooking)17.50 €/l
Sunflower oil (from De Nieuwe Band) 6.00 €/l
Apple vinegar 4.50 €/l
Balsamic vinegar14.30 €/l
Vegetable stock powder13.00 €/kg
Nutritional yeast flakes27.00 €/kg
Soy sauce (Shoyu) 6.40 €/l
Sea salt 1.00 €/kg


Chia seeds 8.00 €/kg
Hemp seed17.50 €/kg
Linseed / flaxseed (whole) 4.20 €/kg
Pumpkin seeds (Dutch cultivation)13.50 €/kg
Sesame seeds 8.00 €/kg
Sunflower seeds 4.00 €/kg

Spices and herbs

Cayenne-jalapeno flakes65.00 €/kg
Coriander seed23.50 €/kg
Oregano43.50 €/kg
Black peppercorns70.00 €/kg
4-Season pepper70.00 €/kg
White peppercorns64.00 €/kg
Cinnamon powder52.00 €/kg
Cinnamon sticks42.00 €/kg

Sweeteners and miscellaneous

Agave syrup7.00 €/l
Coconut blossom sugar7.50 €/kg
Fabric bag – large3.00 €
Fabric bag – medium2.50 €
Fabric bag – small2.30 €
Mesh bag – large2.00 €
Mesh bag – medium1.50 €
Mesh bag – small1.25 €