How do we organise ourselves?

Lekkernassûh works according to the principles of self-organisation. This means that there is not one boss or manager who decides everything, but that everyone has a say and responsibilities within the organisation. We work with circles, e.g. Purchasing, Cashier, Communication or Participant Management. Each circle has different roles. For example, the Communication circle has the role of Webdienst employee, Graphic designer and Info-mail management. Each role comes with responsibilities. This way, everyone knows what is expected of them and others also know what someone is responsible for. In this way, we try to work as transparently as possible in our organisation.

To make our organisation transparent, we work with Holaspirit. This is a digital collaboration platform to help self-managing organisations work effectively and with more transparency and clarity. Below you can see an organisational chart of our organisation. You can see the different circles, containing the roles and brief role descriptions. The organogram is only available in Dutch.

Want to know more or be part of our organogram too. Then email info@lekkernassuh.org