iZettle instructions

PIN, Credit cards, Apple Pay

Connecting (once only)

The basic principle is: Cash register staff’s smartphone connects via Bluetooth to iZettle card reader. Cash register staff enters amounts on his/her smartphone, participant pays with card reader.

At home, beforehand

  1. Download and install the “iZettle Go: the easy POS” app from “iZettle AB” on your charged smartphone.
  2. Log in with the information that you will receive from a colleague.

At the market

  • Make sure the iZettle card reader is charged with the laptop (so that it stays charged).
  • Switch on the iZettle card reader.
  • On your smartphone, switch on GPS and BlueTooth.
  • In the iZettle app… Choose:
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Card reader
  • iZettle Reader 2
  • Number 393 or 420 in the app must match the number on the back of the card reader. Verify this.
    • If the number doesn’t match, please change the card reader or remove the card reader in the app, choose Connect other card reader and choose the correct number.
  • Select, Connect
  • Compare the number
  • Confirm on smartphone
    • If this does not work, delete all previous card readers, restart the app, turn the card reader off and on and start over.
  • Confirm also on the card reader (with green V).
    (Hello! Appears on the card reader screen).

The connection between a phone-app and the iZettle card reader is not possible if another phone is already connected, or if another phone still has that specific card reader in its settings!

After the market

The app itself stays on your phone. In the app you always remove the card reader. (Menu, Settings, Card readers, Select card reader 393 or 420, Remove card reader).

Using the app

  • At the top left of the menu you can switch between Products and Amount. Choose amount.
  • For amounts you don’t have to type a comma or confirm it.
  • (The app is also your calculator: You can always stop, read the amount and click on the bin).
  • Press the Checkout button, then the participant can pay.