Keeping track of your details

Some hints

  • If you edit something, it is only saved once you click/tap anywhere else in the screen. Check it afterwards, by looking at “Last change to your data” or by refreshing the page.
  • If you close the tab or screen immediately, the changes will not be saved.
  • You can change your status and pick-up location below. You can always put your subscription on pause by changing your status to PAUSE, and activate it again by changing your status to ACTIVE. Make sure you change this by Sunday at 8pm at the latest for the following Wednesday!
  • You will also see your order under “We are buying for you” after Sunday evening 20:00. Sunday evening 20:00 remains the deadline.

Your details

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Have you changed anything? Check if it has been saved: at “Last change to your data” or by refreshing this page.

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