zaterdag 4 juni: timebank volkskeuken in de gymzaal!

Saturday the 4th of June proudly hosts VOLKSKEUKEN again = food in De GYM.

VOLKSKEUKEN is a restaurant around a communal table. The ingredients come from the Lekkernassûh food world. They offer non-profit weekly markets, run collectively by people from their community. All the produce is organic. We think economical and social values can merge around the basic need of food.

For this evening we mixed emeralds with seawater to serve you a Green Mediterranean menu:

Green Gazpacho
* * * * *
Grilled sardines
* * * * *
Potato Salad with parsley and garlic
* * * * *
Spinach croquetas
* * * * *
g r e e n Tomato salad
* * * * *

Have you earned time making a website, movie, fixing a bike, doing someone’s taxes or planting seeds? Come spend those hard worked hours. Come and transform that labour and sweat into a massage for your senses.

The food is prepared by people who get paid for the amount of time they actually work. The time people earn cooking and serving can be spent through the network. One hour of work equals one Timebank Hour. Every person’s time is equally valued. So if you work for instance 6,5 hours in the restaurant, you can spent it on, for example, childcare for 2 hours, job advice for 30 minutes and 4 hours help with moving house.

> COSTS 1,00 H + € 3 (for ingredients)
No Hours yet? You can also pay a donation in Euro’s in exchange for a meal. All profit (in Euro’ s) goes to harvest shares for Lekkernassûh, which is another step to an independent and sustainable way of feeding your body.

Would you like to earn your first Timebank Hours during this event?
You can earn Hours by helping us cook/serve food on the event day.
Volkskeuken chef Liselotte is still looking for extra hands!

Serving help
Kitchen help

***Timebank is a tool, accessible to everyone, to help, work and cooperate with each other. It enables exchanges with transactions based on time rather than conventional money, where one Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work.***

Make sure to let us know you’re coming 🙂 #Reservations > email >¬if_id=1464509779413183