People of Lekkernassûh: Rick

Je bekijkt nu People of Lekkernassûh: Rick

This is Rick. A Lekkernassuh’er since may 2020. 🌱


“I came back several months ago from traveling and volunteering across Europe, and now work at several places part of the organic and local food systems. I’m also volunteering at different places, for example, as a social worker with the Dutch Refugee Council. I did an MA Migration & Diversity, but I’ve been going a different direction. This month, I joined HaagseZwam, and am learning a lot about social entrepreneurship and urban agriculture. My partner and I believe in social and environmental harmony, and our dream is to buy land and build our own home.

I started helping out in May 2020, so I’m pretty new. I knew about it already for years, but this time I really joined because I now know how important, fun, inspiring and tasty it is to buy and eat organic and local food. Through LN I met some local farmers, and it’s wonderful to see the care and effort they put in their organic products. LN makes that experience accessible to a lot of people, and I hope that it will continue to grow. It’s essential to provide food, but also social and cultural alternatives for people to get involved in, especially in the stiff and imposing city of the Hague (my hometown).

I do the cash register at the Toverbosch. This way I meet all the different people who come to pick up, and it’s always super friendly and relaxed. After my hectic morning work at the organic food market in Centrum, it’s a great place to go. Also, I’ve improved my accounting skills, we haven’t had kasverschil for a while now.. 🤓😅


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