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There are currently four Lekkernassûh locations in The Hague. Do you think there is a need for a Lekkernassûh location in your area, and would you like to start one? You can! We would like to be available in more neighborhoods, and all new initiators are welcome. Based on our experience of setting up these locations, we have written a step-by-step plan to help people who want to start a new location.

1. What is needed?
A location
The initiator(s) must have access to a suitable location, clarity as to whether there are costs involved, and if so, what those costs are, and whether the space is available on Wednesday (afternoon). Count on at least 6 hours of availability for set-up, market and clean-up.
The initiator(s) will need a team of at least 3 to 4 people/collaborators willing to help set up, coordinate, and structurally manage the location.

2. Do a feasibility survey
The team completes a feasibility survey in the neighborhood to gauge interest and to see if there are any objections. How many people show interest in signing up? How many people would like to help, with what frequency? What are the next steps? Lekkernassûh has a sample feasibility study available as a starting point.

3. Share your plan and the research results
The summary of the research results and plan is put on an A4 sheet and shared with the circles (work teams) of Lekkernassûh (a new location has impact in several circles. Purchasing, Transport, Communications, IT and administration are directly affected, but all circles have input).

4. It will be decided
The circles ask additional questions and provide feedback about the plan, after which it goes back to the initiators. In consultation, a decision is made to proceed or not.

5. Compile a fact sheet
If the plan goes ahead, questions will be answered, information supplemented with new ideas, until a fact sheet emerges with schedule and start date.

6. Follow-up steps
Several things need to be organized to open the new location by the initiators and by several cirkels (IT, purchase, transport, administration, communication).

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Interested? Send us an email at ! And go for it!

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