Growing together

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a fair and sustainable food chain. And we know this because Lekkernassûh has grown considerably since we began. Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to participate. For instance, you can start your own location or a start a new pick-up point.

Do you live in a part of The Hague where you think there is a need for a Lekkernassûh location or pick-up point, and would you like to organize it? Then read on below.

If you have any questions send an email to

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Pick-up point or Location?

Pick-up point

In addition to the market on Wednesdays, it is now also a possible to set up a home collection point for a group of vegetable packets. In this way, you will build up your own small Lekkernassûh community within your neighborhood. Neighbors can then collect their parcels from you at home. In addition, your order will be delivered to your home free of charge, you will be guaranteed the quantity of bread, cheese and eggs that you want, and it will help us to reduce the pressure at the market. 

Starting with as few as 5 participants, you can start your own pick-up point!

Want to know more about starting a pick-up point? Then read on here.


There are currently four Lekkernassûh locations in The Hague. Do you think there is a need for a Lekkernassûh location in your neighborhood, and do you want to start a location? You can! We would like to be available in more neighborhoods, and all new initiators are welcome.

You start a location if you can find more than 20 participants in your district and it has potential to grow further.

Based on our experience from setting up new locations, we now have a written roadmap to help people begin this process.

Read more about starting your own Lekkernassûh location in The Hague here.

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