Start a pick-up point

Besides the Wednesday market, it is now also possible to start a pick-up point for a group vegetable packages. This way, you are building your own little Lekkernassûh community within your neighborhood. In addition, your order will be delivered to your home free of charge, you are guaranteed to get the amount of bread, cheese and eggs you want, and it helps us to reduce the crowds at the market. 

What do you need to do to start your own pick-up point?

  1. Send an email to to sign up as a pick-up point. Then you will hear if we currently have the capacity for a new pick-up point.
  2. Put together a group of at least 5 neighbors who want vegetables from Lekkernassûh.
  3. Make sure everyone is on Pause.
  4. Each week, you place the order for your whole group at the same time before 8 pm, Sunday using this form (only available in Dutch).
  5. You will then receive an email with total amount. Please transfer this no later than 12 pm, Tuesday to “Stichting Lekkernassuh” NL52TRIO0320064182. Payments specifications “pick-up point [your name] Lekkernassûh, [date]”.
  6. Mail proof of payment to stating Pick-up point [your name] Lekkernassûh [date].
  7. The vegetable packages will be put together on Wednesday and delivered to your pick-up point/home by bike between 11:30 am and 2 pm.
  8. You hand out the vegetable packages or have people come to you, and you take care of mutual payments yourself.

For participants, it works as follows:

  1. Send a message to the person in charge of the pick-up point.
  2. She/he will let you know whether you can join the group and the information they need each week about your order. Usually, this is due 7 pm on Sunday evening, at the latest.
  3. You can order a vegetable package, bread (wheat rye, spelt barley or muesli), cheese (cow young, young belegen, belegen, goat young belegen) and eggs.
  4. Set your profile to PAUSE by 8pm on Sunday.
    Your personal profile stays on PAUSE before the holder of the pick-up point orders your package for you and will pay for it in advance. She/he will agree with you about how you will pay her/him.


  • Timebank payment for the package, eggs, and cheese (but not for bread) is possible: those participants who wish to do so will then pay from their own Timebank account. All payment proofs should be sent at the same time as the rest of the payment. Timebank bread is unfortunately not available for collection points.
  • You can promote your collection point via the Facebook group: “pakket ophalen voor de buren”. You can also provide your street, neighborhood and contact details to if you would like your collection point listed on the website.
  • Get a Lekkernassûh poster at the Gymzaal (during opening hours on Wednesdays) to hang on your window, so your neighbours can find you more easily!
  • If you create a pick-up point group, you can choose to rotate with the other participants for who is responsible every Wednesday.
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