People of Lekkernassûh: Boukje

Je bekijkt nu People of Lekkernassûh: Boukje

This is Boukje. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2021 🌱


“I’m Boukje, I’m 45 years old and my child hood hero is Pippi Langkous 😊. In fact she still is my hero: independent, funny, brave, smart, adventurous, creative and her own authority. I was first trained as a building engineer at TU Delft, after a big world trip of 15 months I decided I’d rather work with people and got a degree in and became a Maths teacher. While teaching Math I was missing the arts and later on in life studied at different art academies, finishing Fine Arts at KABK in 2019, where I was lucky enough to do part of my graduation at Oerol festival. The best festival I know!

I’m with Lekernassûh since about two months. One day I walked passed the gymzaal on Wednesday afternoon and, since I already heard about it from friends, I decided to see if they needed volunteers. Since I don’t work anymore as a teacher, because I became too tired to handle big classes of teenagers due to my MS, with which I got diagnosed about 3 years ago, I was looking for some volunteer work. Even more so now that the Filmhuis is closed and I can’t volunteer there either.

I applied and was very happy to find vacancies on the bike transport team, so since February 17th I’m a happy biker and a happy consumer 😊. I really like the rich taste of the fresh and locally produced organic veggies and cheeses and I’m discovering all kind of veggies I didn’t even know before, getting handy recipes from very friendly fellow volunteers.”


🍀 Want to be a part of the magic making Lekkernassûh possible?
We are regularly looking for supporting hands for different Lekkernassûh market locations on Wednesdays, and also for the Package free shop on Saturdays!

Do you enjoy to be in contact with other like minded people while supporting a better food chain? Join us!

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