People of Lekkernassûh: Fanny

Je bekijkt nu People of Lekkernassûh: Fanny

This is Fanny. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2019 🌱


“Hoi hoi, my name is Fanny and I am a 26 years old mother of a lovely little boy. My studies in environment and sustainable development made me drastically rethink my consumption life style. And now, I try as much as possible to transmit to my son values that are essential to me, such as respect of nature and people, and gratefulness to life.

I subscribed to Lekkernassûh’s vegetable basket as soon as I arrived in the Netherlands, about 2,5 years ago. I believe that anyone who wants to have a positive impact on the earth could start with the way he/she eats. Lekkernassûh is a concrete solution that gives each of us the possibility to decrease our CO2 footprint in a fun way. Joining Lekkernassûh for me is a way to connect with our earth and with a fantastic, courageous and positive community.

At the moment, I help most of the time at the Gymzaal with the transport coordination. I also like to help on Saturdays with the “Package Free Shop”. Lekkernassûh is a community composed of so many fantastic people: farmers, volunteers, consumers etc. I am really proud to be part of it!”


🍀 Want to be a part of the magic making Lekkernassûh possible?We are regularly looking for supporting hands for different Lekkernassûh market locations on Wednesdays, and also for the Package free shop on Saturdays!

Do you enjoy to be in contact with other like minded people while supporting a better food chain? Join us!

Want to learn more? Send an email to & for all positions check this link.