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Great, without a coat

One of the goals of Lekkernassûh is to help reduce the waste generated in the normal purchase of food items. The package-free shop at the Gymzaal offers a broad selection of dry food products such as nuts, fruit, oats and muesli, as well as a selection of oil, vinegar and more. A full list of items usually available for sale can be found here.

The Package-free Shop products are purchased in bulk from suppliers that do not use toxins or synthetic fertilizers, and then we minimize the mark-up on the products to keep our prices reasonable and accessible for everyone. Good for the environment does not have to be expensive.

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How it works?

  • Check the list of products on the website, and make a shopping list to bring with you – this allows us to fill your order quickly and gives us a place to make a note of the exact quantity weighed.
  • Bring your own clean jars, bags, bottles or other containers to be filled with the products you have on your list (and a few extra containers in case you want to try something new)
  • Payment at the Package-free shop can be made with PIN, Timebank hours, or with an online bank transfer – we do not accept cash.

Location and openinghours

Every Saturday from 11:00 till 13:30h

Witte de Withstraat 127, 2518 CS Den Haag
Not reachable by phone.

Would you like to help out as a volunteer at the package-free shop? You are most welcome! We often need people to help in the shop or to store new deliveries. Would you like to help? Sign up here! Do you have questions, please contact

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