Week 18: May 1st

In these still chilly spring days, this week’s vegetables are ideal for a hot stew. With tomatoes as a base, you can go in any direction. For example, combine the carrots and peppers with cumin and cayenne for an Oriental shakshuka. Or go for a Mediterranean stew with mushrooms and spinach. We hope you…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 11: March 13th

This week we have a special vegetable in the package: flower sprouts! Flower sprouts are a cross between brussels sprouts and kale. They are also called kale sprouts or kalettes. The taste is mild and less strong and bitter than regular sprouts. Delicious to use in a pasta like the Kievit's recipe of flowersprouts…

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Week 8: February 21st

This week's package includes delicious grey oyster mushrooms. They have an aromatic, creamy and almost meaty flavour, making them a good meat substitute. You can go in any direction with them: use them in a soup, make a sauce, or stir-fry them with the pak choi, for example. Or just try them on a…

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Week 7: February 14th

The days are slowly getting longer, but it still feels like winter. And that calls for delicious winter food. With this week's vegetables, you can go either way. For example, make a nice pea soup with celeriac, carrot and potato. Do stewed pears also remind you of Christmas? Of course, these are also delicious…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 4: January 24th

The salsify is back this week! The long thin root with brown skin has many nicknames. They are also called winter asparagus or ‘armelui’ asparagus because their taste is similar to asparagus. Peeling releases a sticky juice that stains easily. For that it’s also called 'kitchen maid's grief' or 'housewife's grief'. Tip: put on…

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Week 1: January 3rd

Start the new year with healthy sustainable vegetables with another delicious fresh package. Next week's package is the perfect base for a tasty stew. For example, go for a kale stew with yellow onion and sautéed mushrooms. Not a stew fan? You can also make a delicious wok with, for example, cabbage, leeks and…

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VindHET secondhand clothing market

Saturday morning the 2nd of December, the first VindHET secondhand clothing market will be organized in the Helena. Will you come and shop with us? During the packaging-free shop this morning, you can find the garment that will get a second life with you. There is a diverse range of types of clothing for…

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Week 48: November 29th

The days are getting shorter and it is starting to feel like winter outside. But this week a cheerful and colorful package, full with delicious vegetables that you can go either way with. The pumpkin and fennel, for instance, are ideal for a soup. And the sweet potato combines wonderfully in a stew with…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 46: November 15th

This week the Chioggia beet is back, just a bit different from the regular red beetroot! Its name comes from the town of Chioggia, in the province of Venice in Italy, where the it’s originated. The beetroot is cheerfully red and white striped and has a sweet taste. Don't throw away the young leaves,…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 45: November 8th

You can find cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in stores all year round. But did you know that the harvest season of these vegetables only runs until October/November in the Netherlands? This week you can enjoy the last cucumbers and tomatoes of the season! The cucumbers have grown big and are a bit crooked, but…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 42: October 18th

Next week we can cook with delicious ‘forgotten vegetables’. With the sweet anise-like parsnip and the palm cabbage you can make a delicious stamppot for example. The palm cabbage is also called Cavolo Nero, or black Tuscan and has its origins in Italy. Would you rather go for a Mediterranean dish? Then the eggplant,…

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