Local eggs

Did you know that the eggs you can buy at Lekkernassuh fresh market have been coming from very close by for a few weeks now? In addition to the vegetables from our harvest section that come in your pack every week, our eggs now also come from Hoeve Biesland in Delfgauw. The chickens live…

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Harvest shares

On Friday 8 July, Patrick from the procurement team and I get a tour of Hoeve Biesland's vegetable garden. There, we meet Natasja (pictured), the farmer's wife who runs it on a day-to-day basis, Linda Duijndam, co-owner of Hoeve Biesland and numerous assistant farmers who are busy weeding and everything else that needs to…

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Beans in the spotlight: episode 2

馃尡 Remember what the broad beans at De Groenteboerin looked like at the beginning of April, right after planting out? In the meantime, they have grown quite a bit! It's also nice to see that pests like aphids are remedied again by natural enemies like ladybirds. So it's a natural balance! Besides broad beans,…

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Harvest shares Groenteboerin

This year we entered into a new form of cooperation with Hoeve Biesland, one of our regular suppliers. We no longer buy vegetables from them, but we purchase vegetables in the form of harvest shares.At Hoeve Biesland, we as a community pay one-third of the operating costs in exchange for one-third of the harvest.

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Beans in the spotlight: episode 1

In early March, broad beans were one of the first crops pre-sown in the greenhouse. After a few weeks, the young plants were allowed to go outside. It remains almost magical to see how quickly these plants develop! And in a while, these beautiful vegetables will be in your Lekkernass没h vegetable pack. As you…

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