Beans in the spotlight: episode 1

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In early March, broad beans were one of the first crops pre-sown in the greenhouse. After a few weeks, the young plants were allowed to go outside. It remains almost magical to see how quickly these plants develop! And in a while, these beautiful vegetables will be in your Lekkernassûh vegetable pack.

As you may know, Lekkernassûh and Hoeve Biesland have a special connection. Namely, we work with eye shares, which means we share both successes and risks (read more here). In this series of posts, we will give you an insight into how things work on the kitchen garden.

Would you like to experience what it’s like in the Vegetable Farmer’s Garden? There will be another volunteer day on 1 May, where you can roll up your sleeves under the guidance of vegetable farmer Linda. Find more information here.