Beans in the spotlight: episode 2

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馃尡 Remember what the broad beans at De Groenteboerin looked like at the beginning of April, right after planting out? In the meantime, they have grown quite a bit! It’s also nice to see that pests like aphids are remedied again by natural enemies like ladybirds. So it’s a natural balance!

Besides broad beans, there are also other types of beans and vegetables in the vegetable garden. If all goes well, these beautiful vegetables will be in your Lekkernass没h vegetable pack in a while. 馃槂

As you may know, Lekkernass没h and Hoeve Biesland have a special connection. Namely, we work with eye shares, which means we share both successes and risks (read more here). In this series of posts, we’ll give you an insight into what it’s like on the kitchen garden.

Would you like to experience what it’s like at the Vegetable Farmer’s Biodynamic Kitchen Garden? On 12 June and 3 July, there are vegetable garden days again, where you can roll up your sleeves under the guidance of Natasja. For more information and registration, see