Week 6: February 7th

This week there is a varied package. It includes chicory, which many people often find to taste a bit bitter. Fun fact: chicory is grown in the dark, so no bitter (green) chloroform is produced. So keep chicory dark at home too, and in addition, don't cook chicory too long: 12 minutes is enough…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 5 : January 31st

As we reach the end of January we have a varied package to look forward to next week. Did you know that radish is from the mustard family? That explains its spicy edge. Try combining with the leek and kale, to make a hearty gratin, or slice on top of the lettuce for a…

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Week 4: January 24th

The salsify is back this week! The long thin root with brown skin has many nicknames. They are also called winter asparagus or ‘armelui’ asparagus because their taste is similar to asparagus. Peeling releases a sticky juice that stains easily. For that it’s also called 'kitchen maid's grief' or 'housewife's grief'. Tip: put on…

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Week 3: January 17

Since the Gym had no mushrooms last week, this week's repeat! Due to the frost, last week's harvest did not go as planned, we are bobbing along with the seasons and weather conditions. We are very grateful to all the farmers, bicycle couriers, market people for still putting together a market every week. Delicious…

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Week 2: January 10

"On January 1, eat sauerkraut and bacon, then you won't be short of money all year." We can place this old saying with an additional benefit in the present time. Sauerkraut with bacon was known as a fact that people used to stock up on food which saved money. In addition, stocking up on…

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Week 1: January 3rd

Start the new year with healthy sustainable vegetables with another delicious fresh package. Next week's package is the perfect base for a tasty stew. For example, go for a kale stew with yellow onion and sautéed mushrooms. Not a stew fan? You can also make a delicious wok with, for example, cabbage, leeks and…

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Week 51: December 20th

It's going to be feasting time again! The time of cozy, warm winter food is here, so the stews, ragouts and hearty soups are ready again. With this package, you can make a sweet potato leek stew with a chestnut mushroom gravy.  Or make a parsnip-pumpkin quiche with a tasty winter purslane salad with…

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Week 50: 13th December

Brussel sprouts are more versatile than you think! With some harissa, honey and cumin seeds you can completely transform them. Or for some more classic flavours in this week's package, try crisping up the Jerusalem Artichokes with garlic and rosemary. Enjoy! In next Wednesday’s package 1 red & 1 green pepper | Wilbert van…

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Week 49: December 6th

Do you already have some festive ideas to go into December? You can serve this week's rainbow turnips as a sweet treat by baking them in the oven with some garlic and honey. Savoy cabbage is a lush and healthy cabbage with a robust cabbage flavor. The bobbly leaves with curly edges dress up…

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Week 48: November 29th

The days are getting shorter and it is starting to feel like winter outside. But this week a cheerful and colorful package, full with delicious vegetables that you can go either way with. The pumpkin and fennel, for instance, are ideal for a soup. And the sweet potato combines wonderfully in a stew with…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 47: November 22nd

Romanesco is not only a beautiful vegetable to look at, but also incredibly delicious to eat. The vegetable, also called tower cauliflower or button cauliflower, is just a bit softer than a normal white cauliflower. Throw it on the griddle along with the carrots and potatoes, or make a nice soup out of it.…

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Week 46: November 15th

This week the Chioggia beet is back, just a bit different from the regular red beetroot! Its name comes from the town of Chioggia, in the province of Venice in Italy, where the it’s originated. The beetroot is cheerfully red and white striped and has a sweet taste. Don't throw away the young leaves,…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 45: November 8th

You can find cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in stores all year round. But did you know that the harvest season of these vegetables only runs until October/November in the Netherlands? This week you can enjoy the last cucumbers and tomatoes of the season! The cucumbers have grown big and are a bit crooked, but…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 44: November 1

Even though we are deep in autumn spheres, there are turnips in the package again. Aren't they called autumn turnips? I ask our gardener Knoot by phone, "You may well call them that but they grew out the same seeds as those turnips seeds earlier this year, do enjoy them because they will be…

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Week 43: October 25th

The weather has turned and some cold days have arrived. Many people will probably want to sit inside with a warm cup of soup. Fortunately, this week there are plenty of vegetables in the package for a warm, hearthy soup. For example, you could make a soup with harissa spices, pumpkin, celery and red…

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