Week 18: May 3

This week's pack has a real crunch, with peppers, radishes and lettuce. The green oak leaf lettuce, in particular, has a unique buttery texture with a smooth, nutty, and sweet flavor that makes it an interesting garnish for your dishes. Note that Toverbosch is back at the summer location (Vlaskamp 1a). Also, the Spring market is this Sunday,…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 49: 7th of December

This week there are plenty of opportunities to put a festive meal on the table! What about a carrot pumpkin soup tastefully garnished with roasted Jerusalem artichoke perhaps? Or a red pointed cabbage salad, crunchy and healthy sweet with dried fruits from the packaging-free store of course. As most of you know, our packaging-free…

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Week 46: 16th of November

This week the Chiggia beet is back! Did you already try preparing this colourful gem into Carpaccio? Slice it in thin rounds and season it with your favorite herbs and lemon. The coming of winter has a bitter side the endive embodies this. Sweet potatoes can turn this around, don’t forget the chestnut mushrooms…

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