Week 10: March 6

Next week's package can be transformed into a nutrient-rich green frittata to welcome in the month of March. Throw in the Menopper potatoes, leek, spinach and don't forget to caramelise the banana shallots, an onion/shallot cross and great source of vitamin C! In next Wednesday’s package 250 grams of spinach | Kievit in Lelystad…

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Week 7: February 14th

The days are slowly getting longer, but it still feels like winter. And that calls for delicious winter food. With this week's vegetables, you can go either way. For example, make a nice pea soup with celeriac, carrot and potato. Do stewed pears also remind you of Christmas? Of course, these are also delicious…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 6: 8th of February

Although the (on average) coldest month is over, we of course still have lots of winter vegetables in the package. This week you could use them for making some nice stews, with the parsnip, purple carrots and of course the stew pears. But the parsnip also very nicely combines with the kale, for example…

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