Week 1 : 4th of January

Just at the last minute, we announce the first vegetables of the new year. A very colorful package including yellow onions, orange sweet potatoes and red beet. Also fresh turnip greens, besides making a delicious stew you can also make a delicious pasta salad with these vegetables. For example, a delicious Italian version with…

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Week 50: 14th of December

Maybe you already want to try out some recipes for Christmas. With the beautiful ingredients in next week’s package, we’re sure that you can. What about cabbage rolls (very easily made plant-based!), beet carpaccio, or a cheese fondue inside a pumpkin? Today 10 December from 1 PM – 4 PM (after the package free…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 47: 23rd of November

Sometimes a farmer all of a sudden has a large yield of a certain vegetable, for which the demand is not so high. This week, for example, we have Romanesco broccoli and pumpkin in our package, which really helps the farmers to sell this produce. Did you know that Romanesco broccoli was first found…

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Week 45: 9th of November

These winter months, the ground is filled with coals and roots, waiting to break free by next season’s warm rays of sunshine. There are also roots that remain in the soil and grow into tasty spicy delicacies. Try making a spicy Japanese salad with daikon this week, don’t forget the foliage to finish your…

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