Week 5: 1st of February

Dear people, Next week we have a lovely colorful vegetable package, to brighten up these sometimes gloomy days! Many of these vegetables are excellent for pickling or fermenting, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Use the Chinese cabbage and carrots to make a Korean kimchi. Pickled red onion is delicious on…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 3: 18th of January

This week a novelty in our vegetable package! We present to you the Dutch ginger. Every raw salad comes to life with some grated ginger sprinkled through it. We often get questions about the method of cultivation, so in the middle of winter this type of root grows beautifully in cold greenhouses. Similarly, we…

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Week 49: 7th of December

This week there are plenty of opportunities to put a festive meal on the table! What about a carrot pumpkin soup tastefully garnished with roasted Jerusalem artichoke perhaps? Or a red pointed cabbage salad, crunchy and healthy sweet with dried fruits from the packaging-free store of course. As most of you know, our packaging-free…

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