Week 1: January 3rd

Start the new year with healthy sustainable vegetables with another delicious fresh package. Next week's package is the perfect base for a tasty stew. For example, go for a kale stew with yellow onion and sautéed mushrooms. Not a stew fan? You can also make a delicious wok with, for example, cabbage, leeks and…

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Week 36 : 6 september

This week, we'll get the delicious cob of corn that was expected in last week's package. A golden sign of the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. With Peter van de Erve's first harvest of red beetroot, why not use any extras to blitz into a hot and sweet beet tahini sauce to drizzle…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 15: 12th of April

Following your Easter-weekend feasts you have lots of fresh yellows and greens to look forward to! Pair the sweet earthiness of golden beetroot with the sharpness of arugula in a spring salad. Or if you're still in the mood for hearty dishes, why not make a creamy leek and mushroom pie? Eet smakelijk! We…

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Week 44: 2nd of November

The fall is a great season for hearty soups, and next week’s package contains all the ingredients you need. What about a parsnip soup (nice with ginger), onion soup, zucchini soup, tomato soup, …? Or maybe you feel like pickling some veggies, like those beautiful Chioggia beets or making a spicy kimchi with the…

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