Week 21: 22nd of May

The smell of grilled zucchini and eggplant will come to you next week!  With some olive oil you will experience these vegetables in their purest form, also delicious as a salad with a pasta dish of course. De WIJdehorst had such an amazing first harvest of radish that we can enjoy it again coming…

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Week 17 : April 24

With lemon balm, you can add a fresh touch to your potato salad, delicious with grilled courgette and crispy pak choi. Besides fresh, this dish is also calming due to the presence of copper in lemon balm that relaxes muscles. We included pak choi in the package again because the season has been great…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 13 : 27nd March

Welcome spring! To celebrate the arrival of THE season of sprouting and blooming, you can sprinkle some chives as confetti over your dishes this week. You can also make the chives spreadable if you mix them with some nuts and oil from our package-free store to make a pesto. Winter is still present this…

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Week 9: February 28

This week we may again bring trays to take home the delicious sauerkraut! It's a classic to make it into a stew but try it in a quiche. The topinambur lends itself perfectly to a stew adventure with the shitake, a cosy meal, enjoy it before the gloomy months are over. In next Wednesday’s…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 3: January 17

Since the Gym had no mushrooms last week, this week's repeat! Due to the frost, last week's harvest did not go as planned, we are bobbing along with the seasons and weather conditions. We are very grateful to all the farmers, bicycle couriers, market people for still putting together a market every week. Delicious…

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Week 2: January 10

"On January 1, eat sauerkraut and bacon, then you won't be short of money all year." We can place this old saying with an additional benefit in the present time. Sauerkraut with bacon was known as a fact that people used to stock up on food which saved money. In addition, stocking up on…

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Week 49: December 6th

Do you already have some festive ideas to go into December? You can serve this week's rainbow turnips as a sweet treat by baking them in the oven with some garlic and honey. Savoy cabbage is a lush and healthy cabbage with a robust cabbage flavor. The bobbly leaves with curly edges dress up…

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Week 37 – September 13

Picnic on the beach? Yes that is possible with the ingredients that are in next week's vegetable package. A cold potato salad is put together in no time with fresh herbs with a sweet tone of grilled peppers. We also get grapes this week from pickery Framblij- a very nice picking garden with playground…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 22: May 31

Summer is just around the corner! Palm kale is a beauty of a vegetable, great for adding raw to your pesto. If you want to prepare your pesto vegan, use nutritional yeast flakes (instead of cheese) which are available in our package-free shop. And for those on a tight budget, replace the pine nuts…

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Week 19: May 10

Next Sunday morning there will be another volunteer gardening morning (from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) at Hoeve Biesland. There will probably be potatoes planted, yay! Who knows, maybe we'll see these in one of our packages.If you want to attend, super fun! Just let Rowena the farmer know how many people she can…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 46: 16th of November

This week the Chiggia beet is back! Did you already try preparing this colourful gem into Carpaccio? Slice it in thin rounds and season it with your favorite herbs and lemon. The coming of winter has a bitter side the endive embodies this. Sweet potatoes can turn this around, don’t forget the chestnut mushrooms…

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Week 45: 9th of November

These winter months, the ground is filled with coals and roots, waiting to break free by next season’s warm rays of sunshine. There are also roots that remain in the soil and grow into tasty spicy delicacies. Try making a spicy Japanese salad with daikon this week, don’t forget the foliage to finish your…

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Week 41: 12th of October

Jerusalem artichoke and potato (aardpeer and aardappel in Dutch) could just be related to each other as announced among each other in our package this week. Their flavours, origin and structure are very far apart! The Jerusalem artichoke comes from the compound flower family and the potato comes from the nightshade family. What binds…

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