Gymzaal: who likes to assist (odd jobs)?

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Soon the finishing touches will be put to the underfloor heating, the floor and the kitchen in the Gymzaal. A number of other odd jobs are still waiting for enthusiastic volunteers 馃檪

Would you like to help out on one of these jobs below? Then send an email with your name, phone number and what you can do to

  • Painting toilets, storage rooms and the kitchen.
  • Cleaning of oven and kitchen worktops.
  • Painting the large window frames on the street side (including preparatory work).
  • Painting and hanging of various doors.
  • Painting of the round window above the mezzanine and the new doors and frames.
  • Cutting the stainless steel kitchen worktop to size.
  • Sorting, bringing inside and cleaning all items stored in the garden.
  • Designing the cupboard wall.
  • Constructing of the cupboard wall.

And…. there is need for someone who likes to coordinate all of this.

Oh yes, who can help the Local Food Foundation with:

– Second-hand carpets for the mezzanine.
– Large pieces of cloth with which we can cover the items from the packaging-free store.