The renovation has started!

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You haven’t heard from us lately – but that doesn’t mean we have been idle! On Easter Saturday we organised the sustainable spring market. In addition to the energy-saving pan baskets, homemade soaps and ceramics that were sold at the Christmas market, visitors could buy strawberry plants from Jorick, several products from the land that is being regenerated by the Land van Ons cooperative, and herbal tea from the self-harvesting garden NoordWIJde. There were free copies of the magazine Genoeg (Enough), that encourages people to consume less. Visitors got free workshops on how to make kombucha and water kefir. And the newly created The Hague Food Council, initiated by ‘Ons Eten’, was represented and explained their mission to the visitors.

In mid June Conscious Kitchen organised their last community meal and Lekkernassûh moved everything they need for the market and the package free shop to the Helena (Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, The Hague). On 18 June the current kitchen was used for the very last time by Extinction Rebellion for their vegan community dinner.

And then the big clear out started: sorting, giving away, throwing away, selling and storing. Many people helped, but a special thanks should go to Marijn en Sytske!

After the spring market we focused our attention on finding the right contractors for the renovation and installations. Three reputable building contractors were invited to submit an offer. One of them dropped out and from the remaining two we selected AvS from Stompwijk. The installation of the heatpump and the ventilation systems will be handled by BCS. Demolition work started in late July and we expect the builders and BCS to finish their work by the end of October. Then it will be our turn: handy people from our community will be needed to do the finishing touches (installing the kitchen, carpentry work).

The entire renovation is going to cost about € 400,000. In addition to a very generous contribution from Fonds 1818 and a contribution from Lekkernassûh, we have decided to take a loan from the Fund Region and Economy The Hague (FRED in Dutch). Late June we pitched for support from the Energy from the Neighbourhood Challenge by The Hague municipality. We were successful and were awarded € 30.000. In the photograph you see the three winners, the jury and the alderman.

We now have enough money to make sure that the building complies with legal requirements, but we will need more money for the kitchen and finishing touches. If anyone knows of sources of funding, please get in touch!

Calls for help!

Do you want to participate in shaping the future of the Gymzaal? Send us a mail at

Specific vacancies:

  • An interior designer to help with the design of the cabinet wall and the entresol
  • People who can help with communication things (website, newsletters, social media)

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