UPDATE 21-1-’21
Do you remember? On 23 December last year, we sold tickets for the Lekkernassûh lottery. The money collected by selling the tickets went entirely to the Voedselbank. We sold 278 tickets in total! Fantastic, because that means we were able to donate 139 euros to the Voedselbank. And they were very happy with it! This means they can add some extras to the package the people receive from de Voedselbank . That is a positive start of the year!

The following lots have won a prize
1) And the first lottery ticket, is……….# 681 You have won “the bike”!

2) And the second lottery ticket……..#685 You won the Samsung 19″ inch !

3) And the third lottery ticket, won by……#172 Congratulations! You win the Microwave Oven

4) Fourth lottery ticket….#867 You win the Coffee Maker.

5) Fifth lottery ticket….#873 Rainboots….Heeeyy a warm feet winter for you!

6) Sixth prize…..#398 A nice Bob the Builder puzzle! For the kids or for you

7) Seventh lottery ticket….#482 A warm winter scarf

8) Eighth ……..#284 The complete series of Xena on DVD “Xena the Warrior Princess”.

9) Second to last lottery ticket : ……#984 The guitar hero guitar!

10) Last but one lottery ticket……#903 The enceclopedy in 2 PARTS!
 Prizes can be collected in the Gym

Lekkernassuh Lottery
Will you join the Lekkernassûh Lottery? On 23 December you can buy tickets for the Lekkernassuh Lottery at every location! The profits will go to the Voedselbank.

Every ticket costs 50 cents, 2 for 1 euro and there are a lot of fun prizes to win: 
A microwave, a computer screen, several puzzles, a warm winter scarf, a pair of boots,a complete working bike, or the complete series of Xena on DVD! And many more…

The draw will take place ONLINE, on 30 December 16:00 LIVE from the Gym, tune in or watch back later. Winners can pick up their prizes the same day up to 19:00 , or during the next market on Wednesday 6 January.

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