Week 8: February 21st

This week's package includes delicious grey oyster mushrooms. They have an aromatic, creamy and almost meaty flavour, making them a good meat substitute. You can go in any direction with them: use them in a soup, make a sauce, or stir-fry them with the pak choi, for example. Or just try them on a…

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Week 18: May 3

This week's pack has a real crunch, with peppers, radishes and lettuce. The green oak leaf lettuce, in particular, has a unique buttery texture with a smooth, nutty, and sweet flavor that makes it an interesting garnish for your dishes. Note that Toverbosch is back at the summer location (Vlaskamp 1a). Also, the Spring market is this Sunday,…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 13: 29th of March

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring! Time to bring cucumber back to your salads and sandwiches. This week the package also contains wild (or ‘coarse’) spinach, which is only harvested when the leaf is fully grown. Like regular spinach, wild spinach is rich in nutrients (especially iron) but its leaves are larger and…

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Week 48: 30th of November

The celeriac is waiting to make its appearance in your kitchen again. Delicious from the oven with a spicy sauce or as a salad with beetroot. You can be surprised again next Wednesday by the Volkskeuken. There will be Moroccan cooking in the Gymzaal, including a Tajine with Dutch seasonal vegetables. Who knows, the…

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