Week 48: 30th of November

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The celeriac is waiting to make its appearance in your kitchen again. Delicious from the oven with a spicy sauce or as a salad with beetroot. You can be surprised again next Wednesday by the Volkskeuken. There will be Moroccan cooking in the Gymzaal, including a Tajine with Dutch seasonal vegetables. Who knows, the kale will go through it. At Spinozahof there is a cozy stall with sustainable Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts.

We hope you enjoy this package, please don’t forget to update your status before Sunday 8 PM!  

In next Wednesday’s vegetable package:

  • 1 celeriac | Sam van Geffen in Lelystad
  • 400 g beetroot | Peter van de Erve in Goudswaard
  • 1 pc red cabbage | Gebroeders Kos in Oudkarspel
  • 400 g chicory | Leenjan in ‘s Gravenzande
  • 500 g parship | Rozendaal in Hoekse Waard
  • 450 g kale | Landzicht in Strijen
  • 650 g Alouette (red) potato | Landzicht in Strijen

We also sell: Haagse Sambal, chocolate, bread, eggs and cheese.

Helping hands
Your weekly vegetable box is the result of the joint effort of many participants of the Lekkernassûh community. If you would like to help out on Wednesdays, please fill in the Market schedule. If you would like to participate in another form, why not check out our vacancies.

Bicycle parking
Are you picking up your package from the Gymzaal? Please don’t forget to only place your bicycles in the designated bicycle stands (across the street), to make sure we don’t inconvenience our neighbors. Thank you in advance!

Paying with Timebank hours
You can use Timebank hours to pay for your vegetable package, but also for example for cheese and products from the package-free shop. You can earn Timebank hours by helping out as a volunteer, for example at the market. Want to know more? Check it out here.

Package-free shop
The package free shop is open every Saturday from 10:00 until 12:45. Extended opening hours require more volunteers. Would you like to help? Sign up via this link. More info about the shop can be found here.

Don’t forget to change your status!
If you would like to pick up your veggie package on Wednesday,  your account needs to be set on ACTIEF before Sunday at 8 pm. If you don’t want a Lekkernassûh package coming Wednesday, your account has to be on PAUZE before Sunday at 20:00 h. In this way, we can ensure that we buy in the right amount of vegetables, and combat food waste together. Thank you! More information on how to change your status can be found here.