Week 5 : January 31st

As we reach the end of January we have a varied package to look forward to next week. Did you know that radish is from the mustard family? That explains its spicy edge. Try combining with the leek and kale, to make a hearty gratin, or slice on top of the lettuce for a…

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Week 1: January 3rd

Start the new year with healthy sustainable vegetables with another delicious fresh package. Next week's package is the perfect base for a tasty stew. For example, go for a kale stew with yellow onion and sautéed mushrooms. Not a stew fan? You can also make a delicious wok with, for example, cabbage, leeks and…

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Week 50: 13th December

Brussel sprouts are more versatile than you think! With some harissa, honey and cumin seeds you can completely transform them. Or for some more classic flavours in this week's package, try crisping up the Jerusalem Artichokes with garlic and rosemary. Enjoy! In next Wednesday’s package 1 red & 1 green pepper | Wilbert van…

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Week 48: November 29th

The days are getting shorter and it is starting to feel like winter outside. But this week a cheerful and colorful package, full with delicious vegetables that you can go either way with. The pumpkin and fennel, for instance, are ideal for a soup. And the sweet potato combines wonderfully in a stew with…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 45: November 8th

You can find cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in stores all year round. But did you know that the harvest season of these vegetables only runs until October/November in the Netherlands? This week you can enjoy the last cucumbers and tomatoes of the season! The cucumbers have grown big and are a bit crooked, but…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 42: October 18th

Next week we can cook with delicious ‘forgotten vegetables’. With the sweet anise-like parsnip and the palm cabbage you can make a delicious stamppot for example. The palm cabbage is also called Cavolo Nero, or black Tuscan and has its origins in Italy. Would you rather go for a Mediterranean dish? Then the eggplant,…

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Week 41 : October 11th

Next week's package offers some unique samples of autumn. Spigariello is a cross between broccoli and kale, while chioggia beet (aka candystripe or bull's eye beetroot) will bring a swirling sweetness to your salads. And not to forget dessert! It's sorted with small cooking pears: perfect for stewing in cinnamon, lemon and cloves.  Your…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 32: August 9th 2023

Next week we have a variety of tasty greens. You can make, for example, of a tasty salad of pak choi and red peppers with a dressing of soy sauce and rice vinegar. Or make a quiche with leeks and chestnut mushrooms! We hope you like this package again, please don't forget to change…

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Week 30: July 26th

Next week's package is bursting with colour and you have 9 types of veggies to look forward to! Two of them are kale, one being 'palm kale' which is named for the way its long, wrinkly leaves grow. Sautéed, crisped or blended, kale is not only packed with nutrients, it's also super versatile in…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 9: 1st of March

Next week you may have to wade through the muddy crust of salsify for the last time this season. In English-speaking countries, the salsify is also called the “oyster plant” because you can recognize a little bit of an oyster-like flavor in it. Cherish your last moments with winter vegetables because spring season is…

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Week 6: 8th of February

Although the (on average) coldest month is over, we of course still have lots of winter vegetables in the package. This week you could use them for making some nice stews, with the parsnip, purple carrots and of course the stew pears. But the parsnip also very nicely combines with the kale, for example…

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Week 3: 18th of January

This week a novelty in our vegetable package! We present to you the Dutch ginger. Every raw salad comes to life with some grated ginger sprinkled through it. We often get questions about the method of cultivation, so in the middle of winter this type of root grows beautifully in cold greenhouses. Similarly, we…

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Week 48: 30th of November

The celeriac is waiting to make its appearance in your kitchen again. Delicious from the oven with a spicy sauce or as a salad with beetroot. You can be surprised again next Wednesday by the Volkskeuken. There will be Moroccan cooking in the Gymzaal, including a Tajine with Dutch seasonal vegetables. Who knows, the…

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