Week 5 : January 31st

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As we reach the end of January we have a varied package to look forward to next week. Did you know that radish is from the mustard family? That explains its spicy edge. Try combining with the leek and kale, to make a hearty gratin, or slice on top of the lettuce for a crunchy salad. 

In next Wednesday’s package

  • 400 gram kale | Puur Origine in Grubbenvorst
  • 500 gram sweet potato | Van de Weerd in Lelystad
  • 100 gram lamb’s lettuce | Tuinderij Ekologisch in Roelofarendsveen
  • 200 gram chestnut mushrooms | Nesco in Boekel
  • 500 gram orange carrots | Peter van de Erve in Hoekse waard
  • 500 gram sauerkraut | Kramer in Zuid-Scharwoude
  • 400 gram radish | K. van den Dries in Dronten
  • 500 gram leek | Arenosa in Lelystad

Third-party vendors: including bread, eggs and cheese

We hope you like this package again. Please don’t forget to change your status before Sunday 8 p.m. if necessary.

Time to party!

Next year, Lekkernassûh will exist for 10 years! Let’s celebrate with each other! Do you like to party? Do you have creative ideas to pay attention to our 10th anniversary and feel like organizing something? Sign up by sending Liane Lankreijer an e-mail (bestuur@lekkernassuh.org).

Your help is needed!
We would like to have a laser printer at Lekkernassûh that we can use for printing forms and the like. If you have a laser printer at home that is unused, we would be happy to take it! It would be a nice practical donation for us.

Your weekly vegetable package is the result of the collaboration of many participants from the Lekkernassûh community. In the past weeks, we’ve been struggling to get enough volunteers for the Wednesday market. Can you help out? Sign up using the market schedule.

Paying with Timebank hours
You can use your Timebank hours to pay for your vegetable package, but also, for example, cheese or products from the packaging-free store. You earn Timebank hours by, for example, helping on the market. Knowing more? Then look here.

Do you have a surplus of Timebank hours? Please spend them at the market or package-free shop, or (if you don’t manage to spend them all), please donate them to Lekkernassuh! Ater the summer, we have a big shortage of hours, because there are more going out than coming back in.

Package-free shop
The package-free shop is open every Saturday from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in the Gymzaal. Longer opening hours call for more volunteers. Would you like to help sometime? Register via this link. More information about the store can be found here.

Don’t forget to change your status!
If you want to pick up a package on Wednesday, your subscription must be set to ACTIVE before Sunday evening 8 p.m. And if you don’t want a package on Wednesday, your subscription must be on PAUSE before Sunday evening 8 p.m. Help us prevent buying too much; together we prevent waste. Thanks for that! Look here for more explanation.