Week 23: June 7

Do you steam or grill your pak choi? Either way, the Chinese cabbage is best cooked briefly so it retains its characteristic crunch. The rest of next week's package offers all the foundations of fresh, summer salad to complement your sunny evenings. Enjoy! We hope you like this package again, please don't forget to…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 10: 8th of March

Who says winter vegetables are boring? This week, the vibrancy of the colorful veggies is sure to pleasantly surprise you again. We have the deep shades of the carrots, the soft pink-purple of the turnip and the lively greens of the leek and turnip greens. Turnip greens are a sure sign that spring is…

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Week 7: 15th of February

Garlic is generous in flavor and has the power to make your dishes shine this week. Did you know that fresh garlic is slightly softer in flavor than the dried variety? It’s ideal for incorporating raw into a celeriac salad or in a sauce made from puffed celeriac. The preparation of this winter gem…

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Week 4: 25th of January

This week we have turnip greens, also called winter radish. It is a bit milder in flavor, more robust and a bit larger. Delicious as a thin slice on a sandwich with cheese or grate some radish into an omelette, some winter purslane as a garnish and your vitamin supply is restored. We hope…

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Week 49: 7th of December

This week there are plenty of opportunities to put a festive meal on the table! What about a carrot pumpkin soup tastefully garnished with roasted Jerusalem artichoke perhaps? Or a red pointed cabbage salad, crunchy and healthy sweet with dried fruits from the packaging-free store of course. As most of you know, our packaging-free…

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Week 40: 5th of October

Next week’s package contains some not-every-day vegetables: like green chicory – very good from the oven, with cheese – and yellow beetroot – also from the oven, with thyme, sage and hazelnuts, for example. And we have verbena (in Dutch: iron herb) as a fresh seasoning. Are your ideas already flowing? Whatever it will…

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