Week 17: 26th of April

This week we have all the ingredients for a delicious picnic salad with endless combinations of tomatoes, cucumber and arugula. Quiche is delicious with salad, try incorporating the portobello, the somewhat pronounced flavor comes out well in with a creamy (cheese) filling for example. Tomorrow there is a vegetable garden day planned at Hoeve Biesland, you…

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Week 11: 15th of March

This week another package full of great flavors and some lesser known vegetables like Jerusalem artichokes, radish and carrot parsley. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to think about what to make with these. Delicious Jerusalem artichoke chips from the oven, a fresh salad with radishes and a hot soup with parsley root. Just…

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Week 7: 15th of February

Garlic is generous in flavor and has the power to make your dishes shine this week. Did you know that fresh garlic is slightly softer in flavor than the dried variety? It’s ideal for incorporating raw into a celeriac salad or in a sauce made from puffed celeriac. The preparation of this winter gem…

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Week 2: 11th of January

Once again a package full of goodies! Rammanas is one of the vegetables of the week. But what can you do with it? You can grate it raw as a fresh addition in your salad or in thin slices as a crunchy addition to your savory sandwich spread. But you can also wok it,…

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