Volkskeuken diners are starting again!

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Last Wednesday was the first dinner in a long time at De Volkskeuken The Hague. As usual, we will cook and eat together during the fresh market. Awesome!

The meals are vegetarian (vegan options), locally/directly involved with the producer as much as possible and organic in any case. We usually make 4-6 dishes.

Time: around 6:30 p.m.
Location: De Gymzaal
Cost: EUR 8.50 (cash or by phone) or 0.85 #Timebank hour (at the People’s Kitchen)

Do you want to eat with us or help out? Sign up here (first tab to join for dinner, second tab to help out)

Want to help or make a reservation? Please fill in your name at this form.

For any special query, please contact Sophie sofie.bliemel@gmail.com or Mario mario.scutifero@gmail.com