Week 40: October 4th

This week, we have a delicious package with fresh ingredients for a tasty Dutch 'stamppot'. Think for example of a leek and bell bell pepper stamppot with crumbled feta or a red cabbage stamppot with apple. Plenty of options! Your help is needed! Your weekly vegetable package is the result of the collaboration of…

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Week 38: 20th of September

This week we have a delicious, varied package of tasty vegetables that you can use to make a spread for your sandwich! For example, think of celeriac salad with mayonaise, a fresh tzatziki with cucumber, an eggplant baba ganoush or a yellow beet-horseradish spread with soaked sunflower seeds from the fresh market. In short:…

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Week 32: August 9th 2023

Next week we have a variety of tasty greens. You can make, for example, of a tasty salad of pak choi and red peppers with a dressing of soy sauce and rice vinegar. Or make a quiche with leeks and chestnut mushrooms! We hope you like this package again, please don't forget to change…

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Week 27: July 5th

Summer officially arrived last week and that means lots of delicious goodies in the package! This week we have delicious raspberries. You can eat them straight away, but they are also delicious in a fresh lemonade with some mint, for example. Or think of an Italian panzanella (bread salad) with (stale) bread and the…

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