Week 27: July 5th

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Deze week in het pakket / this week's package

Summer officially arrived last week and that means lots of delicious goodies in the package! This week we have delicious raspberries. You can eat them straight away, but they are also delicious in a fresh lemonade with some mint, for example. Or think of an Italian panzanella (bread salad) with (stale) bread and the garlic, eggplant and red pepper from this package. In short: delicious!

  • Attention! The Gym has temporarily moved to the Helena! You’ll find us on the Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3, in what used to be the Johan de Witt college. We share this space with other initiatives such as Goed Eten Den Haag, so joining the community dinners has never been so easy! More info can be found here

We hope you like this package again, please don’t forget to change your status before Sunday 20:00 if necessary.

In next Wednesday’s package

  • 1 piece of fennel | harvest from Hoeve Biesland uit Delfgauw
  • 350 grams eggplant | Frank de Koning from Brielle
  • 400 grams zucchini | Henny Goos from Dongen
  • 30 grams red peppers | G. Brakel from Sint Annaland
  • 1 bunch of fresh garlic | Knoot from Strijen
  • 1 box of raspberries | Framblij from Monster
  • 1 bunch of thyme | Kievit from Katwijk aan Zee
  • 100 grams salad mix | Kievit from Katwijk aan Zee
  • 500 grams green beans | Kievit from Katwijk aan Zee

Third-party vendors:  including Hague sambal, chocolate, bread, eggs and cheese.

Helping hands
Your weekly vegetable package is the result of the collaboration of many participants from the Lekkernassûh community. Would you like to regularly put together the weekly package for Lekkernassûh? We are still looking for new buyers! Click here for the vacancy (and here for our other great vacancies). Do you want to help on the market? Then fill in the market schedule at:  Schedule market care.

Paying with Timebank hours
You can use your Timebank hours to pay for your vegetable package, but also, for example, cheese or products from the packaging-free store. You earn Timebank hours by, for example, helping on the market. Knowing more? Then look here.

Packaging-free shop
The packaging-free shop is open every Saturday from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm at the Helena. Longer opening hours call for more volunteers. Would you like to help sometime? Register via this link. More information about the store can be found here.

Don’t forget to change your status!
If you want to pick up a package on Wednesday, your subscription must  be set to ACTIVE before Sunday evening 20:00. And if you don’t want a package on Wednesday, your subscription must be on PAUSE  before Sunday evening 20:00. Help us prevent buying too much; together we prevent waste. Thanks for that! Look here for more explanation.