Give away corner is back

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As the Gymzaal continues to take shape, more and more ‘old acquaintances’ are returning, including the giveaway corner. The giveaway corner has always been part of the Gymzaal and is there for everyone, rich and poor. It promotes recycling and deconsumerism.

The give-away corner can be found in the corner next to the large door. You can now also see the 2 new cupboards of the corner with lots of compartments. There are also 2 small clothes racks.

There are some new rules for taking stuff in:

  • We no longer want to take in books; there are plenty of places in the neighbourhood to exchange second-hand books
  • Please only nice, clean items that you yourself would like to receive as gifts.
  • Only things that fit in the compartments or find a place on the clothes rack.
  • No stuff on the floor

The giveaway corner is a collective project and I ask everyone to help keep it tidy.

I look forward to a good collaboration

Love Monika