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Outcomes of the strategy process

The results of the “strategy process” are available! A vision of what the future of Lekkernassûh could look like, for inspiration for all employees. Read the summary via this download (only in Dutch).

In summer 2021, a temporary strategy team (Cristien, Karlijn, Marloes) set to work to identify future opportunities for Lekkernassûh. The organisation has grown rapidly in recent years, which is of course great! But which direction are we actually moving in? What best suits Lekkernassûh as a transition initiative, and how do we increase our impact? And last but not least: which bottlenecks are we likely to encounter?

Through a survey, interviews and working sessions, among others, we tried to find answers to these questions. The result consists of four elements:

Analysis of the context in which Lekkernassûh operates: what is happening around us?
The basis or “roots” of Lekkernassûh: what makes us unique and what we can continue to build on.
Future opportunities: interesting possibilities for new initiatives
Development points: actions currently being taken up to make LN stronger, and pave the way for new opportunities.
Check this summary (only in Dutch) for the final results in brief. Want more background? Then also check out these reports (only in Dutch):