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This is Violette. A Lekkernassuh’er sinceJuly 2018. 🌱

“I started going to Lekkernassûh around tge time when I moved to Den Haag. I lived close to the Gymzaal. I signed in to get a vegetable package and I think I signed in at the same time to volunteer there.

I like the Lekkernassûh system: local vegetable packages and working directly with the farmers. Plus the market is great, picking your vegetables yourself from the crates, the package-free shop, the extras like eggs and cheese, the meals and bread from the Volkskeuken. It was a good place to get to know people in this new city -people who are busy with food and ecology and sustainability- and the city and the region itself through them.

I don’t like to do groceries at the supermarket anyways, and I want to know where my food comes from and how it has been produced. The quality of the vegetables is also much better, and more importantly you don’t have to go through all the food-retail chain so prices are fair.

I also like the concept of a package because you get what the season brings, what the farmer grows, and there is more diversity than the pre-selected supermarket choice, things you wouldn’t find or wouldn’t think about buying. For cooking, it forces my creativity to have to make something from the ingredients that are available rather than buy loose ingredients for a specific recipe.

I started volunteering during the market at the Gymzaal, and sometimes cleaning afterwards. I also liked to help in the kitchen for the Volkskeuken meal. At some point I filled in during Liselotte’s holidays for bread baking and cooking. Sometimes I give a hand to the package-free shop team, or at the cashier. Nowadays I am mostly busy within the Communication team. Since the Toverbosch market opened I am often helping out there because I live in that neighborhood now. “


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