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Lekkernassûh has grown as an organization, and has developed tremendously over the past period. Our IT system has grown with us: we are now working with our internally developed administration system, Romanesco and a news letter. Many improvements, but also complicated.

For that reason, we are looking for someone to make the connection between our IT expert(s) and the rest of the organization.

What will this entail? The most important first step will be to evaluate and make a plan for the circle IT (in non-IT languague), taking into account both technical and organizational aspects. Questions include:

  • What is essential maintenance? And what is nice to have? How many hours are needed structurally?
  • Which new and ongoing projects are there, and what are the priorities?
  • Which way of working, in line with the prinicples of Holacracy, do we want to use to weigh and prioritize new ideas for IT projects within the organization?
  • How do we want to define the IT responsibilities, and make clear agreements on what the circle needs for this from the rest of the organization?
  • How can we process the results in Holaspirit, in terms of roles, responsibilities, actions, etc?

If this sounds like a project you’d like to take on, we’d love to get in touch with you. Your compensation will in principle be paid in Timebank hours. How much time is needed will be part of your assignment, but to give an idea: it needs to be possible to combine this with a ‘normal’ (family) life and job. The start can also be done in the form of a project, we’re looking forward to discussing this.

Are you interested? Send us an e-mail via

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