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In Zuiderpark (300 m2), a group has started the Netherlands’ first so-called Food Swamp. Here, they are experimenting with wet cultivation in the peat meadow area and investigating alternative earning models for agricultural entrepreneurs. This year, they plan to offer the first harvest of unknown edible crops (such as water mint, licorice shoots and (black) berries) in loose sales at Lekkernassuh. They will also suggest recipes for these crops.

Initially, a food swamp has been started in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. It is also expected to expand to two more locations (Pijnacker, Oud Ade) where a larger piece of land can be taken into use (lease or loan), in order to scale up further.

For Lekkernassuh participants, a tour of this first Food Marsh in Zuiderpark will be organised on Saturday morning 25 March at 10.00 am. Here you can see where these new products come from today. You can sign up via deze link.

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Photo by Voedselmoeras Den Haag