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Keep those spring jitters coming! ­čĺÜ

At Hoeve Biesland, they are not sitting still and are working hard to grow the first crops that will soon be in your vegetable pack.

Watch Ollie proudly stand by the new ‘hanging culture’ in the greenhouse of Hoeve Biesland’s vegetable garden. These hanging trays are specially made for growing ­čî▒. The broad beans are up first. After four weeks, the broad bean plants are strong enough to brave the wind and weather and grow in the soil ­čŞĆ. We hear you thinking: why does this have to be hanging? We do this because we have mice that love seeds. And if Ollie is to be believed, watering is also much nicer this way.

A few weeks on, the beans have germinated nicely, and the soil has been prepared to receive the young plants. Would you like to help one day? On 2 April it is planting day at Hoeve Biesland and you can spend a morning volunteering! Find more info here.

Tip from greengrocer Rowena of Hoeve Biesland: if you want to grow broad beans in potting soil yourself, plant the bean as deep as the bean.

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