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This is Franka. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2014 🌱

“I come from the cultural sector, have a Bachelor of Arts and between 2007 and 2015 I organized various events for the government and in the cultural sector. From 2013 I started to focus more on social and sustainable initiatives in addition to my work. I was a team coordinator, workshop leader, advisor, account manager and concept developer.

Community building interests me more and more, I look for real connection and want to contribute to a more sustainable and social society. So Lekkernassûh suits me well.

In 2014 I became acquainted with Lekkernassûh. On a Wednesday afternoon, out of curiosity, I walked into the gym, where the market was going on, and started asking questions. Soon I helped with all sorts of things; cooking, keeping things tidy, sharing, thinking along about organizational development, being part of a working group to present plans for the building to the Municipality, .. Due to my own need for overview, I made suggestions about how to make things more accessible and how to communicate about the initiative to the outside world.

There was already that open and inclusive culture back then, which makes me feel at home and useful at Lekkernassûh. It is a place where you get energy and enter a social network with a focus on things that are close to my heart. These elements ensure that I am still connected to Lekkernassûh and the Gymzaal.

In addition to helping with the build-up almost weekly on Wednesday morning, I actually pick up what I feel like and what suits me at that time. I am also part of the Communication circle and from there I facilitate, among other things, the offline communication part in the Gymzaal. “


🍀 Want to be a part of the magic making Lekkernassûh possible? We are regularly looking for supporting hands for different Lekkernassûh market locations on Wednesdays, and also for the Package free shop on Saturdays!

Do you enjoy to be in contact with other like minded people while supporting a better food chain? Join us!

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Photo: Dylan Morris