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This is Sander. A Lekkernassûh’er since 2014 🌱

“When the Lekkernassûh initiative was created through The Hague in Transition in the Gymzaal, I initiated TransitieCinema together with others. A weekly film screening with mostly tasty snacks (leftovers from the Lekkernassûh dinner). That was the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

After a two-year journey through Spain and Portugal, I returned to The Hague and assisted as market coordinator in the Gymzaal.

Besides that I know the place and the people well, I have always been very involved with food. Packaging-free living is my goal and I try to minimize my waste as much as possible. I try to buy as little as possible and exchange as many products and services as possible. I find that much more valuable.

For example, I have previously harvested at Kievit (in Katwijk, one of the farmers who also supplies Lekkernassuh) rhubarb in exchange for a bottle of homemade rhubarb wine. Delicious!

I live not far from there, in an old farm in Valkenburg (ZH). I have five chickens and a vegetable garden and I cycle to The Hague every week when the weather is nice. Besides making tasty things, I am mainly involved in making music and nature education.

Always open for a chat on the market :)”


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